Panoramas - how to share?

23rd October 2015

It's a problem we come across all the time - how is it best to put across the full impact of a panoramic image within the confines of a computer screen or, increasingly, a phone screen? Panoramas often have two key qualities to them - the wide view and the subtle details that can only be seen on closer inspection... the latter of which is lost entirely when sharing online. So I wonder, has anyone figured out how to get around this problem?

If we share the full, zoomable image then what stops people downloading it for free and making their own prints of it? But if we don't share the full, zoomable image then how can anyone ever see the beauty captured in it on the small scales? I don't know the answers to these questions, but here's the image that brought these problems to mind... A view of Ingleborough, Whernside and plenty more that was taken very recently - the overall composition works well (in my ever so humble opinion!) but the real quality comes in the detail. When we zoom in... taking a small sample area, it can be seen that you could pick out people on top of Ingleborough umpteen miles away. The shelter and cairn being clearly visible. The birds of prey hovering over the fields in the mid-ground and the endless dry stone walls are lost in the bigger picture.

It seems such a shame - but without paying for a 10 foot print and exhibition space, most people will never see the intricacies of such an image. Surely there can be a way around this?