Richmond: The most beautiful town?

16th November 2015

My (probably biased) love of Richmond is hardly the best kept secret - but the more I think about it, and the more time I spend there with my camera in hand, the more I realise that maybe this isn't a bias based on a chance of birth. Maybe Richmond really is special. With one of the oldest stone castles in the country (along with Colchester and Durham), the river and the Dales... perhaps Richmond really is the most beautiful, unique town in the country.

A week or so ago I popped up again on what was by all accounts a miserable weekend - but we were more than lucky with the eventual mists that formed below the endless low cloud. Over the course of 2 days, a wander round Easby and a 20 minute drive over to Wensleydale - I realised there are few places you can get such a range of photographic beauty over such a short geographical distance. Here are a small selection of snaps from that weekend... is anywhere as varied and beautiful as this?

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