Waterfalls of the Yorkshire Dales

02nd September 2015

On this workshop I'll guide you through various waterfalls of the Yorkshire Dales - varying from the powerful to the subtly beautiful - and we will spend plenty of time going over how to make the most of these situations.

We'll cover how the length of exposure affects the feel of a photograph, how to shoot waterfalls with respect to the angle of the light at the time and, most importantly, the use of filters. It is often assumed that a simple neutral density filter is all that is required in these situations but we'll also spend time looking at how circular polarisers are useful.

Potential waterfalls on the itinerary include Hardraw Force, Aysgarth, West Burton, Richmond Falls, Catrigg Force, Scaleber Force, Harmby Falls, those around Askrigg, the many falls in upper Swaledale around Keld and Crackpot Falls . We may even find time for a trip to a secretive set of waterfalls in Bishopdale which, collectively, make up the tallest waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales - and arguably the country.

There are 3 places available on this workshop, and you'll receive roughly 5 hrs of tuition for £75 - with the option of a post processing tutorial for an additional £20.

The only date currently planned for this workshop this year is Sat 12th May but other dates may be available upon request.

A full list of requirements and recommendations can be found right down at the bottom of the page - along with information on refunds and all the other boring stuff...

Required equipment:
  • DSLR or compact camera which allows manual settings.
  • Food & drink.
  • Waterproof clothing, decent walking boots and plenty of warm layers.
  • Tripod
  • Waterproofing for your camera - even if this is just a sandwich bag!

Advisable extras:
  • Polarising filter - very useful for the water photography. Highly recommended.
  • Headtorch/torch. You never know how late we might be out. Get in touch if you don't have a headtorch and I'll recommend some.
  • ND filter (screw on or not).
  • Spare batteries and memory cards.
  • Selection of lenses (covering 17-200mm).
  • Cable release.
  • Wellies. Otherwise, be prepared to roll up your trousers and do some paddling...

Workshops are rarely cancelled - only in the most extreme of weather might this happen and refunds/rearranged dates will be available - but if you need cancel, refunds will be available on the following basis:
  • More than 4 weeks beforehand - 50% of the total cost refunded.
  • 2-4 weeks beforehand - 25% of the total cost refunded.
  • Less than 2 weeks before the workshop - no refund.
  • If you'd like to rearrange, this may be possible depending on future bookings, but is far from guaranteed. Contact us as soon as possible if this might be necessary and we'll do our best to sort it out - but we reserve the right to withhold your refund on the conditions laid out above.